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      BESTKO Precision Limited enjoys a strong reputation of being one of foremost manufactures of high quality stainless steel architectural hardware products in Hong Kong. Our wholly owned factory in Mainland China (Ping Shan Town, Shenzhen) has accumulated over 20 years of manufacturing experience.

      The company began by manufacturing and designing watch components where precision engineering and high quality materials are paramount. In 1998, Bestko made the strategic made of using their manufacturing experience to concentrate on producing stainless steel hardware. Today Bestko also focus on the glass hardware industry, following the trend of modern architecture.

      With 20,000 square meters of production facility, our well equipped factory has the latest technically advanced mechanized system. Our Glass Hardware range offers an outstanding product portfolio of connecting sliding systems, glass door locksets together with comprehensive choice of self-positioning showers hinges. In addition, our new range of bathroom fittings is also one of our core product lines with the innovative design enhancing lifestyles.

      In twenty-ten, Bestko is going to launch a series of new products in high technology and user friendly consideration. Please visit our website regularly for further update.